N26 Black is a bank account with comprehensive travel and purchase coverage

Covered byAllianz
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The freedom to pack up and go without the extra weight

N26 Black provides comprehensive insurance for trips abroad and on qualified purchases, meaning you're not weighed down by worries while out exploring the world.

Worldwide travel insurance you can actually use

N26 Black is always with you—start claims in the app and get support quickly when you need it. There’s no guesswork or extra fees.

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Black outdoes standard insurance plans with its full account coverage

Travel like you never left home. With purchase protection and cell phone theft coverage, Black can help shrink unforeseen costs.

Insurance Details

Foreign medical expenses

Among others, reimbursement for doctor and hospital expenses in case of an acute medical emergency while you’re abroad.

Delayed Flights

Reimbursement for expenses incurred during a flight delay longer than 4 hours.

Luggage Protection

Reimbursement for expenses incurred if your checked luggage arrives at least 6 hours late.

Mobile Phone Theft

Reimbursement for a stolen mobile phone that was purchased with your N26 Black account.

Cash Theft Protection

Reimbursement for stolen cash if you get mugged up to 4 hours after withdrawing with your N26 Black card.

Purchase Protection

Cover for items purchased with your N26 Black account, when stolen or damaged as a result

Fee-free withdrawals anywhere abroad. Yes, really.

We don't charge percentage fees on foreign currencies and always give you the mid-market rate. You get what your money is worth, without it being eaten up by extra fees.

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Make traveling simpler and more secure with N26 Black

Sign up for an N26 Black account in 8 minutes and start planning your next trip.

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FAQs for N26 Black

Does the N26 Black Mastercard have NFC functionality?

Yes—the N26 Black Mastercard includes NFC functionality for contactless payments without having to enter a PIN. No compromising data is submitted during the payment process - only the card number and the card’s expiration date.

Is the N26 Black Mastercard a debit card or credit card?

The N26 Black Mastercard is a debit card, which means all transactions occur in real-time and are directly debited to your N26 bank account. It is not a credit card that comes with a monthly bill. But you can still use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How do I get an N26 Black card?

You can sign up on your phone or online. During the process, just make sure to chose Black as your preferred card. If you’re an existing customer you can upgrade at any time in the app under My Cards in the app Control Center.

How do I start a claim?

Start a claim by going to N26 Black in the Control Center of the N26 app. Collect all the necessary documents for each type of claim, as instructed, and contact Allianz Global Assistance Europe, who will be handling your claim. In case of an emergency, you also have the option of placing a call directly to Allianz.

What is comprehensive insurance coverage?

Comprehensive insurance is designed to cover most or all aspects of a trip, investment, or good or item. In this case, N26 Black covers many types of purchased goods and aspects of traveling or a trip abroad. One of the benefits here is that you pay one small monthly fee and don’t have to shop around for policies before traveling.

Do you charge foreign transaction fees?

Unlike most banks, we don’t charge an exchange rate fee if you pay with your Mastercard. This makes it one of the best ways to pay or make purchases while abroad.

Legal Notice


You can see all the information you need to start a claim or call Allianz Global Assistance Europe in case of an emergency in the N26 app. N26 Black features comprehensive insurance coverage from Allianz Global Assistance Europe (trade name of AWP P & C S.A. - Dutch branch),one of Europe’s most trusted insurance companies.

Mastercard offers a range of complimentary privileges as part of your N26 Black World Elite card status. Every N26 Black card holder is automatically entitled to enjoy these benefits, tailored to the needs of frequent travelers and globe-trotters.

If you’re planning your next trip, also make sure to check out the Mastercard Priceless Cities® for exclusive events and recommendations. You only need your Mastercard to discover the most beautiful cities in the world, and your new experiences can begin.


Not available in Greece and Slovenia