We’re taking personalized to a whole new level. For you too.

Find a career path. Not just a job.

Work at the N26 office Kudam
Work at our office at N26

Our balance sheet as employers.

Getting Stuff Done Days - Icon - N26 Careers

Play is a necessary part of work

We carve out 2 days a month for you to focus on dream projects or your backlog. We call it “Getting Stuff Done Days.”

Mastercard Business Included - Icon - N26 Business

Travel the world with N26 Black

Work here and out there. N26 Black puts the world at your fingertips. A bit like our office (with some 46 nationalities working together).

Networking - Icon - N26 Careers

We’ll even network for you.

We host events and are a major player in the Berlin startup scene. You’ll be seen and heard as an N26 employee.

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Personal development fund - Icon - N26 Careers

Spend on your career. As you see fit.

Investing in your future should be your first professional concern. We give each employee a personal development fund and the freedom to spend it.

Relocation Support - Icon - N26 Careers

Smooth arrival in Germany

With Expath, we’ll help iron out any visa or moving issues you might have. Complete with a comprehensive relocation package to our Berlin office.

German Lessons - Icon - N26 Careers

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

No? Ein Bisschen? To help you meet your neighbors, we offer heavily discounted German languages classes at our Berlin offices too.

European Regional Development Fund

N26 is using the funds from the ProFIT program to keep our customers money safe by intelligently preventing card fraud before it happens.