Meet N26 Metal, a card for the digital generation

The world is now more connected than ever. Yet nothing can replace the feel of physical items that you can hold and call your own. Metal isn’t just a card, it takes you places while maintaining that unique connection to the moment.

Designed to make a statement

The N26 Metal card is crafted using N26’s signature minimalist design and comes with a tungsten metal core that’s three times heavier than standard cards—so you’ll feel the difference. N26 Metal's casing houses the card’s antenna, making it the first solid metal core card in Europe capable of contactless payments.

Exclusive partner offerings - N26 Metal

Exclusive partner offerings

Picked from brands with great products. We’ll help you stay connected with what’s new and exciting, with perks like free coworking days with our flagship partner, WeWork, special online shopping offers with partners such as Home24, curated styling by Outfittery and dry cleaning picked up and delivered to your door by Zipjet. Our perks are tailored to your digital lifestyle. All this comes in a new, personalized app section.

Partner Offerings

Travel like you never left home

N26 Metal comes with comprehensive travel insurance that keeps the world open for exploring by protecting you from unforeseen costs.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance - N26 Metal
Preferred Customer Support - N26 Metal

Dedicated Customer Support

Get help when you need it faster. Metal gives you contact to Customer Support directly from the app.

Limited first production—with early access for N26 Black customers

Due to limited card availability we’re inviting selected N26 Black customers to sign up for early access before general availability. Our first batch is extremely limited—but don’t worry. You’ll be one of the first to receive your card and we won’t charge you extra until it’s in your hands.

Upgrade to N26 Metal

Not a customer? Sign up now and we’ll let you know when you’re eligible.

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