Declaration of Consent to the processing and transmission of personal data for the procuration of a loan via Younited Credit

(Version 2.1 – Date 28.11.2017)

We offer the retrieval of loan conditions through the Younited Credit on the website and app of the N26 Bank ( or N26 App, subsequently referred to as "we" and "us"). Younited Credit is a French société anonyme governed by an executive board and a supervisory board with a share capital 1.107.060 euros, its registered office is located at 24 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris (France) and registered with the RCS of Paris with the unique number 517 586 376. Younited Credit is authorised by the French Prudential Supervisory Authority as credit and investment institution (number: 16488). Based on our transmitted data, Younited Credit will calculate a probability value for a credit default, and based thereon can provide you with financing propositions for the credit application that you defined on our website.

A. Consent to the data transfer to Younited Credit

You explicitly consent to the collecting, saving, processing and transmission of the Credit Application Data to Younited Credit for the purpose of obtaining a loan with Younited Credit. Younited Credit is allowed to use the transmitted data for the purpose of granting credit, financial control, ongoing and intensified loan management, as well as making follow-ups. Your application might be declined by Younited Credit, who is solely responsible for the decision of granting the credit. Every false

B. Consent to the data exchange with the French national register on household credit (FICP)

Younited Credit is obliged to make part of its credit granting process a request to the French national register on household credit repayment incidents (Fichier des Incidents de remboursement de Crédits aux Particuliers, FICP) to obtain the potential repayment incidents history of the credit applicant. Younited Credit will report in case of repayment incidents the related loan and personal information to the register.

C. Consent to the data exchange with subcontractors of Younited Credit

Your Credit Application Data can be transmitted to companies and subcontractors on demand of Younited Credit, especially for the purpose of information archiving and distressed loan management. Under the conditions stipulated by the Monetary and Financial Code ("Code monétaire et financier"), your data can be transmitted as part of specific operations such as the study and development of partnership products to other companies of the Younited Credit group. Your application data can also be transmitted to sub-contractors and commercial partners outside of the European Union.

D. Revocation right

You can revoke your consent in part or total any time without giving a reason.

Additionally, you are entitled to be informed in writing and without any cost about the recorded personal data concerning your person; furthermore, you can demand for the recorded data of you to be corrected, disabled or deleted, insofar as the storing of this data is not required by law or the data was already anonymized and thereby makes it impossible for us to provide information. Apart from that, N26 is not allowed to disclose this data and may only transmit it with your consent or in case of a legal obligation. In particular, you can direct your request to access, rectify and oppose recorded personal data without costs directly in writing to Younited Credit at

In the future, I may effectively revoke any and all declarations of consent via an e-mail to